Wednesday, 9 September 2009

They Like Us. They Really Like Us.

Reactions from the Blogosphere to our appearance at Milan's Opening


My thanks again to the ever-talented Andrea Simms-Karp as well as the highly comic and deservedly infamous Astronaut Love Triangle (with introductory note above). Their repertoire included songs about cyberstalking, the side effects of the modern pharmacological rainbow, and the tenacity of the large American automobile, in the face of environmental concerns.


Astronaut Love Triangle was just as hilarious and entertaining this time as they were last time. Well, almost. (You know me, I don’t like to knit-pick, and what they did do was absolutely five star, first-rate entertainment. But it would have been ever so slightly better if only they’d included that Gilligan’s Island number I like so much.)

Hella Stella:

Astronaut Love Triangle was every bit as awesome as they promised to be. Manny Blue signed my chest after the show!! I want a matching pair. Aggie? You there? Get out the sharpie...

Real Grouchy:

ALT's songs are feasts for the imagination. At times abstract and experimental-artsy, but not the least bit pretentious, and always down-to-earth.

Jen Gilbert:

First, I have to say that I was BLOWN AWAY last night by ALT. They were already my favourite band, but now... I think they're gods.


Last night d.jack and I took in the Astronaut Love Triangle at Milan's art opening. There was beer and flirting. There were pretty pictures and BLEEDING GUMS.

Which you will only understand if you were there to appreciate the genius that is ALT.

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