Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Check out Laurie Anderson - another Space Punk

Interview with her on Excerpt:

What do you need to "escape" from?

At heart, I'm an anthropologist. I try to jump out of my skin. I normally see the world as an artist first, second as a New Yorker and third as a woman. That's a perspective that I sometimes would like to escape. It's why in my performances I use audio filters to change my voice. That's a way to escape as well.

To become somebody else?

Yeah, to have another voice. If you sound different you find that you have different things. If you sound like (high voice) a little kid or (low voice) you sound like a guy that's just sort of lost. It's just a way to switch perspectives and that's really important to me.

And if you read the interview, you'll see that she became the first artist-in-residence at NASA. I don't imagine we're in line for that gig.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A New Objective for the Band

  1. Write a song with some numbers between 1 and 10, or letters of the alphabet.
  2. Record the song.
  3. Release the song.
  4. Have it become well known.
  5. Say "yes" when the Children's Television Workshop asks if they can do a modified version for Sesame Street.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Springtime Mixed Tape Meme

Pandora tagged Astronaut Love Triangle, and asked us to name 7 songs that we are into right now. How about the 7 below? Jimmy, Aggie, David, Sassy, do you all agree?

* What I Don't Deserve - Astronaut Love Triangle
* May Cause Heartburn (The Side Effects Song) - Astronaut Love Triangle
* Haben Sie Ein Plattenspieler? - Astronaut Love Triangle
* Dave's French Song - Astronaut Love Triangle
* Academic Wanker - Astronaut Love Triangle
* If You're Holy and You Know it - Astronaut Love Triangle
* Cyberstalking Blues - Astronaut Love Triangle