Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Updated Logos

I think this will look good on our bass drum and on our instrument cases:

Later, when we release our third or fourth cd and it goes in a wildly different direction, we can use this colour inverted version of the logo:

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Lyric: Desultory Dylan Thing

I've run through my life
on secondary roads
Sun in the rearview mirror
and sinking
Horizon the size of a windshield
and shrinking

Black pavement shines
Like chrome in the sun
And this narrow road
Has no shoulder to cry on
Just another affair
of the heartland gone wrong

Last night seems a dream
"Take my shirt off" she said
As we stared through the twilight at the end of the bed
"I just want you to hold me
And me to hold you
Like it's just like us in the world...

Now i drive through the foothills alone
Seeking ground that's higher
And what peace I can find
With a clear sight line
to the edge of the sky

(Chorus repeat to fade)