Thursday, 4 December 2008

Kick-Ass-tronaut Love Triangle Evening

On a particular Wednesday evening when Astronaut Love Triangle was planning to gather for a practice, Aggie and Sassy could not attend.

"Change of plans," announced the always thinking David Scrimshaw. "We are going to have a Dork Bot kind of evening instead. Young Keir and Jenni Benny you are welcome to join us."

Jo Stockton, this post goes out to you and your own particular kind of friendly gatherings.

Young Keir made cool enviable head-phones out of a dollar store pair of ear-protectors. They are completely sound proof, so that you don't have to play music at an ear damaging volume while riding on a noisy bus.

Jenni Benny chatted with me and knit while I spent an hour unraveling the wool for my project.

Jimmi Jettz fiddled with a 3 year project to build an amplifier. He and Young Keir mumbled something about it going to number 11 which made them laugh.

David Scrimshaw wired alligator clips to power supply plugs. This made sense to the guys and was greeted with approving grunts.

The glue gun short-circuited - it sizzled, popped, and let off stinky smoke. Jimmi Jetz performed an autopsy on it and cheerfully related the morbid details of it's spontaneous demise.

I, Manny Blue, baked cookies.

With the first batch, I forgot to add the eggs. Young Keir was amused with the look of them and named them Flatturds. David tried one, and declared them incredibly good.

The second batch had too much egg. They morphed into one big cookie. Jimmi Jettz took a bite, and mumbled, "Hum, they taste crunchy-eggy jensaisquoi."

Yes, I always bake in high heels and a boa.


David Scrimshaw said...

Manny, we should caution your young fans to be careful baking with a feather boa at home.

Especially when cooking with gas or near open flames.

Aggie said...

That cookie photo is spectacular!