Saturday, 19 January 2008

Manny Blue Rides on the Bus with Her Hula Hoop

Can you believe it... the hula hoop got me all kinds of attention! I know... your mouth is hanging open and you're thinking - wow - really?

After letting in his passengers... a #85 bus driver sees me in the bus shelter with my hula hoop and says: Hey, I remember when those came out... were you fund raising? HaHa... have a good night!

On the #96

I sit down beside a cute young man.

Cute Young Man: What's with the hula hoop? Were you performing at the bus stop? (laughs in a friendly way)
Manny Blue: No, I was practicing a routine for my performance art band... we're all about the art... and we're art because we say so... (I go on a bit more à la David Scrimshaw)
CYM: Do you have a web site?
Manny Blue: A blog... but look us up on Facebook under Astronaut Love Triangle.
CYM: Cool, I will! See ya... (he gets off the bus)

Young woman sits beside me - very, very pretty and friendly.

Pretty Young Woman: Hey, I've got two hula hoops at home and I've been practicing... but I can only go in one direction.
Manny Blue: What? Oh, I never thought of spinning the opposite way...
PYW: Oh, ya... you need to do both sides... you should also use two hula hoops... then you can spin one around your chest and one around your waist (I look at her bosom - ok she's not much bigger then I am... must be feasible)... and you can spin them on your wrists... (god she's bubbly - but oh her skin is such a nice color - just like warm caramel)

Well, she blah, blahs for a while... then she's gone too...

That was fun... I need little calling cards that I can hand out during such moments with our blog address...

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Aggie said...

Cards -- definitely!